Thursday, January 12, 2006

TOPGUN Navy Strike

TOPGUN Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Symbian Games

Topgun Navy Strike Fighter Tactics is a classical shoot them up arcade game for Series 60 mobile phones.
Defeat five big bosses in level-to-level increasing difficulty and experience real battlefield fire as you fight your way out over the flood of enemies.
See how Symbian OS mobile phone can be pushed to the limits of 2D-graphics and sound.

The game should work without any problems on below listed Symbian OS mobile phones:
Panasonic X700
Panasonic X800
Samsung SGH-D730
Nokia 7650
Sendo X
Siemens SX1
Samsung SGH-D720
Nokia 3230
Nokia 3650/3600
Nokia 3660/3620
Nokia 6260
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6620
Nokia 6670
Nokia 7610
Nokia 7710
Nokia N-Gage
Nokia N-Gage QD

TOPGUN Navy Strike Fighter

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